fan questions

Why is Nick such a pervert?
Whoa whoa. Be careful who you paint with that brush. Nick is a firm believer in the joy of sex. He doesn’t view coitus as a conquest, but rather two (or more) consenting adults making each other feel awesome. He believes in responsible sexual practices (contraception, safe words, staying hydrated, etc…) and keeps an extremely open mind. So you shouldn’t call him a pervert because he believes the world would be a better place if people would just bang each other more often… it kind of makes you sound like a prude.

How are Dash and Manmeet related?
They’re cousins. So Dash’s father and Manmeet’s mother are brother and sister. Both of Manmeet’s parents are Indian and live in Delhi. Dash’s mother is white and when his parents divorced, his father went back to India, leaving him here with his mother. Dash has not seen his father since. Dash and Manmeet didn’t meet until Manmeet arrived in LA.

Why does Delilah live with these three dudes?
Delilah grew up in a big family and felt like her house was too empty. She first opened her doors to Dash (who she met when she catered one of his film shoots) and was more than happy to have his best friend (Nick) and his cousin (Manmeet) eventually take up residence as well. Delilah loves having more subjects to test our her culinary creations upon and they all respect her ultimate veto power over any of their antics.

Has Delilah slept with anyone in the house?
Even Nick refers to Delilah as his “hot sister-mother” and laments his moments of attraction to her as some sort of erectile betrayal. He’s only flesh and blood, but he and the others operate like a family unit, which is more important to them (each for different reasons) than sex. So the answer is not yet, no. We may or may not be waiting for a ratings dip to play that card.

What happens to the cobra?
He’s the fifth roommate. The cobra’s agent was actually pretty pissed that he didn’t share top billing with the others. As our lawyers told his, his onscreen appearance was cut from the first episode due to time constraints, not because the cobra’s “face and hood” were “terrifying” and sabotaged the levity of the show. Rumors that the cobra constantly reeked of booze and got into several screaming matches on set with season one’s writer/director are as logistically impossible as they are unfounded.

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